Here at Laurelhach great care and pride is taken when the decision is made to breed a litter of Gordon Setters. All breeding stock is x-rayed and scored under the BVA scheme and if using a male from overseas then FCI scored and in some cases BVA scored as well. Also any other health tests applicable to the breed such as PRA are as carried out. Every effort is made to provide happy healthy puppies to live as life companions' for their owners to enjoy. Gordon Setters are very intelligent and benefit from fun activities such as obedience (yes they can be trained), agility when old enough and much more. Whatever takes your fancy and fits in with your life style Gordon's will strive to please. (albeit they can act the clown or be stubborn when they choose!!)

All puppies from here come with a comprehensive puppy pack which includes a puppy contract, KC registered, wormed. insured, food product etc. They are also microchipped. If for any reason circumstances change and you are unable to care for your Laurelhach Gordon then I will help in any rehoming required. We are also happy for our owners to call with any questions and will do our utmost to answer them, provide advice or point you in the direction of someone who may be able to help.

A good puppy is worth waiting for so if you are interested in a puppy from me please feel free to

contact me for more information on the breed.




I aim to breed Gordon Setters that are FIT  FOR FUNCTION, FIT FOR LIFE

Various items of information can be found in the 'items of interest' section on this site.

Health test results will be added to the respective Gordon Setter pedigrees as they become available but can also be viewed here under Health Results. This will be updated as the results are returned.


        Some tips BEFORE you buy your Gordon Setter puppy

            Before you visit ask have both parents been through the relevant health scheme’s for the breed and what are the scores/results. The first test must be done for both parents, the second and third depending on the results behind the sire and dam.

            a) Hip scored, normally at the BVA. However if an import or overseas parents then it may have been done with the governing body for the country of origin.

       b) Eye tested for PRA(rcd4). If one parent is clear then the offspring will not suffer from this form of PRA if the other parent is carrier or affected. However if both parents are carrier and/or affected then the

       offspring will be carriers/affected/clear depending on the status of the parents. At least one parent must be clear so that no affected puppies are produced.

       c) There are a few other tests (CA, colour gene) which may not have been done and are not a request by the breed clubs at this point in time.

       Please follow the link 'items of interest' on the home page for further information.


            If you do decide to visit do not be shy in asking to see the official results for the parents.

            Can the dam be seen and if you are very lucky then the sire too but this is not the norm.

            If possible make a visit to meet the breeder and the dam prior to the litter being born.

            Be happy about the conditions that the litter is raised in. The whelping area may well be in the house or a dog room and a certain amount of mess is inevitable with litters but there should be no dirty food/water bowls and excess smell.

            Do the puppies have toys and are bold and happy to meet you and be cuddled.

            Some dams are protective of their puppies and may appear a little unsure but should not be aggressive.

            Ask if the breeder has a contract and ask them to explain it to you.

            Will they supply at least a weeks’ worth of food when you collect your puppy.

            A puppy pack should be provided with your puppy that will give details of feeding, worming carried out, guide to exercise etc.







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