ART WORKS.................Gordon Setter Curios, Old and New.

Where possible I have included the name of the artist, name of the piece and date released.

If you know of any art work that could be included and have the artists permission,

please feel free to forward to me for others to enjoy.


Mr Perfect

Maria Heskins 2010



       A metal fire screen brought back from my trip

     to Australia in 2006


    Show Champions

     Michael Steddum 2003



An original painting on bone china of

Sh Ch Laurelhach Country Affair

James Skerritt


An original miniature watercolour

painted on ivory

Frances Eddy 1990


An Original

Wendy Hanby


Gordon Setter

Sally Reece 2001



Artist unknown


Country Companions

Robert Harrop Designs



Heidi Moon



Mother & Son

Aline Michel Rouxel 2011


'Puppy On A Plate'

Diane Nowak 2011

'Murdock '

Sh Ch Laurelhach Just Jitterbug JW

Corinne Riboulet 2013   (Black N Tans Gordon's France)



Dt Ch Laurelhach Moviestar

Corinne Riboulet 2013   (Black N Tans Gordon's France)



Sh Ch Aust Ch Triseter Ebony Zena

With Laurelhach

Kathy Lewis 2013


  Gordons In The Water 

    Steven Nesbitt 1993


Painting on a wooden plaque of Antti,

a gift from special friends

Artist unknown

A Pair

Artist unknown



Border Fine Arts

Artist unknown




Art Work of the Culinary kind

David and Liz Lambert 2008


Border Fine Arts

Artist unknown


The Three Girls

Dave White 2009






Glyn Whiting 2010



Cross-stitch Of My Beloved Morgan

Sue Siggs 2009


Greetings Card From An Original

Suzanne Gail Richardson 2011




Laurelhach Classic Melody

Corinne Riboulet 2013   (Black N Tans Gordon's France)


Family Portrait

Lacey~ Zena~ Movie

Corinne Riboulet 2013   (Black N Tans Gordon's France)




Leslie Hutto 2015


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